Thursday, March 27, 2014

2fly moves into the finishing shop

2Fly is in the finishing shop, where the do the final sanding and polishing of the fiberglass.  From here it goes to the rigging shop, where they install the engine, electrical, console and electronics.

We've experienced a minor hiccup on the electronics package we're installing.  We ordered a pair of next generation Simrad NSS evo2 multifunction displays.  This is a brand new unit, and unfortunately Simrad missed the originally announced launch date.  Simrad is giving us a loaner of the prior version (NSS8) to install for a couple months until the units we ordered is available.  Then we'll enlarge the hole and drop in the new NSS12 evo2.  I'm part annoyed that the boat isn't perfect out of the gate, but mostly happy they're giving me a solution.  Most important, it won't affect our build schedule.

Yellowfin is running full speed, but in spite of how busy they are they managed to get me a few photos. 

Starboard quarter view. Powerpole is on and towing rings.  The majestic blue hull is in full view.  The rub rail has yet to be installed.

Stern quarter view
From the stern. The livewells with their 'ice blue' interior are visible. You can see the two rod holders on each gunnel aft of the spring cleats. There are another two rod holders just inboard of the side livewells.  You can see the fuel tank pretty clearly here, too.

 View from the stern

Starboard bow shot. Two tone hull.  If you look carefully, you can see the step in the hull.  Yellowfin manages to give even their bay boats a bit of flare in the bow, which I think is beautiful.

 Starboard bow

Head-on shot. Not much here but the bow cleat and the two rod holders mounted on either side of the anchor compartment.  They are fabricating a casting rail that will fit into those rod holders, too.

At the bow

From finishing, the boat will move into the rigging shop. There they plumb livewells, install the motors and put the other systems into the boat. Elsewhere, the electronics will be installed into the center console. The console and the leaning post get installed shortly after.

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