Monday, March 31, 2014

Into the rigging shop

We got a bit of a surprise today with 2" of snow falling for the morning commute. The forecast of sun and 50F later today is poor consolation. For those of us with severe cabin fever, this type of storm is just the (final?) icing on what's been a long winter.  It's gotten bad enough that yesterday I got outside for some fly casting practice. Even with a light mist and 45F temps it felt good to stretch my arm and refresh muscle memory.

2fly moved into the rigging shop late last week.  The crew at Yellowfin sent a few more photos so I can at least vicariously enjoy the process. 

Into the console
The center console is partially rigged. You can see the interior of the rod tubes where drains will be installed to route any drips or splashes down into the bilge. The cutout for the glove box is the gray oval. Toward the very top is the back of the Simrad NSS8 that we are installing until the new evo2 units are released.  Two speakers are mounted here, and there will be two more in the gunnels even with the leaning post seat. A favorite feature of mine-- the cup holder/rod holder combination that is nearest in the photo.

Dash under construction
The dash layout is coming together. Steering column is mounted, and the shift and throttle control in the center of the dash. Above that is the trim tab control. The glove box hole is more clear here.

In the center of the dash is the NSS8 plotter. That will be replaced by the NSS12 evo2 shortly. To the right in the white space will go the NSS7 evo2, with the VHF below that.  Left of the plotter is the Mercury VesselView 7 system for engine performance monitoring.

Stern rigging
The Bob's jack plate has been installed and the rest of the rigging is under way.

Port side
Here's the clutter of a boat in progress in full display. The rod holder hatches are on the stand next to the boat.

Bow to stern.

On a cold winter's day, seeing these is incredibly uplifting. Two weeks to go.

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