Monday, May 4, 2015

Rites of spring

Right on time, the leaves popped out on the trees and the forsythias bloomed. It must be spring.

Spring brings a number of rituals. Among them in our neck of the woods is fishing for schoolie striped bass. On appropriately sized tackle, they put just the right grin on your face, especially after a long, hard New England winter. 

Other rites of spring include cleaning the gutters (postponed), cleaning up the yard (rescheduled for next weekend), and getting the boat ready to go fishing for schoolies. 

Having the boat is certainly a mixed blessing.  We could throw our waders on, grab a handful of flies and hit the shore to catch schoolies by the bucket full. (Seriously, please don't do that.) But the boat is a ticket to access different types of water and cover more ground in search of fish. It's freedom. It's fun. 

It's an obligation.  Prepping and launching took three afternoons that weren't spent fishing.

Is it worthwhile?

First striped bass of 2015

The smile says, "yes".

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy birthday, 2fly.

Today marks the anniversary of picking up our Yellowfin 24 at the factory and the start of lots of fun.

Happy birthday, 2fly.

warmer days
warmer days

Thanks to the boys over at the Angler's Culvert for the photo.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Fever

It's April, and by all rights the local fish should be stirring and becoming more active. (This blog, too.) This winter's grip on us has been tough, though, and it's looking like the fishing will be delayed.  Long Island Sound is hovering around 38F, and the ice only went out on the harbor 2-3 weeks ago.

Milford Harbor under 12-inches of ice, March 8, 2015
Hard to tell where the dock ends and the water begins.
Spring will get here soon enough.  For now it's time for gear to get prepped and the boat ready to launch. 

Not soon enough.