Friday, August 30, 2013

The Mudhole has been quiet.

I mean that in two ways.

First, my life has been so busy that
  1. I'm fishing less than I would like, although probably more than I deserve.
  2. I've been focusing my limited time on fishing and not bothering with writing.
So be it.

Second, with summer upon us, the fishing in the Mudhole has been quiet. An outstanding May-June period tapered into a slow July. Water temps in the low eighties across Long Island Sound, the highest I can recall for that time of year, have dampened the fishing. Bait such as adult bunker skedaddled early on, and the smaller bait has yet to leave the estuaries in preparations for fall.

Don't get me wrong-- it hasn't been bad. May was particularly productive.

Weather, fish and schedules cooperated.

Now nights are cooler and fall is clearly drawing near. Time to dust off the gear, get the kayak out on the water, and start fishing again.

In the meantime, I'm putting up some accounts and photos of past, seasonally appropriate adventures from the Milford Mudhole.