Monday, September 9, 2013

Unrequited love

To catch you need to fish. Despite hearing mostly complaints about a lack of false albacore, or virtually any other target species for that matter, I decided to be a sucker try my luck with fools friends Patrick and Jon. For our adventure we loaded kayaks on cars and headed to a few locations in eastern Connecticut, launching just as night turned to dawn.

Still life of kayak paddle.

The best part about fishing from a kayak is that if the fish aren't cooperating, well, at least you're kayaking.  Sadly-- for the fishing anyway-- that was the case today. We tried our luck in the Niantic and Groton areas. This was an area I've spent limited time in, and it's worth exploring. Although it's still part of Long Island Sound, it is much more of the sea than the water local to the Milford Mudhole. Our waters tend toward brown, while here it's green. Sea temps are noticeably lower. We get mung weed, here the bottom is covered with kelp and eel grass. In the Mudhole, points of structure are spread further apart. Here virtually every shore is a boulder field worth exploring.

The weather was spectacular, but all we could find were some schools of very small blues harassing scattered schools of bay anchovies. While eager to take a fly, they're not particularly exciting to target.

Second launch of the day.

So, other than a few tiny blues, the catch of the day was lobsters from the local seafood purveyor's tank. The albies will wait for another day.

Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.3, loaded and ready for anything.

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