Friday, September 7, 2012

Why chronicle the Mudhole?

Why Chronicle the Mudhole?

The Mudhole. Lest the uninspiring name turn you away, let's define the purpose of the Chronicles.

I am an enthusiastic saltwater fisherman. My preferred method of choice is a 8-wt through 10-wt fly rod, although I enjoy fishing with lures and bait as well. The target species is usually striped bass, but I have a strong love for bluefish, false albacore, and steelhead.  I have for years fished from shore. I now own a kayak. In the not-so-distant future, I hope to own a boat to fish from.

Fishing is an act of discovery. It is learning natures ways. It is about the friendships you build in your hours outdoors pursuing a common passion. It is creatively solving problems.  I like to try something new every time I go out, just to see what happens.

Over the years, I've written about my experiences either in a personal fishing log or online forums. I've take photographs and shared many with friends.

The Mudhole Chronicles is the nexus of of these efforts, a compilation of concept and memory united by the common theme of pursuing finned prey with rod and reel.

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